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Based in Send, Surrey, Hankley Financial Planning is passionate about providing a high quality financial planning service.


The most common mistake we find individuals make in financial planning is not having a cohesive financial plan. Whilst most people have a variety of savings and investment products and an ideal for the future, they have not ensured that everything is working in harmony to achieve their goals. Allowing a single adviser, who you trust, to work with you to determine suitable financial decisions, will ensure that your aspirations can be met as efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves in translating even the most technical jargon into simple terms to ensure you understand the decisions you are making.

Why do I need Financial Planning Advice?

 << Young (18+) & Starting Out

 Mid 20s to Mid 30s >>

 << Late 20s to Late 30s

 Mid 30s to 60s >>

 << 60s and over

Saving for
a house?

Bought the

Starting a


Time to

At this time in your life,
income protection & critical illness cover are probably the last things on your mind

You have a relationship and are dependent on each other’s income. Life cover is now imperative and a pension plan should be started

Suddenly outgoings increase
and more people dependent.
A need for family protection

Increased income with just as many dependants. Need to think about
long term savings & retirement

Drawing a pension and taking more / longer holidays. Think about your inheritance tax liability.

Here is also a point to consider....

In today’s terms, if you need £500,000 in your pension to provide an income of £25,000 per year at age 65, a basic rate tax payer would need to contribute £151.79 per month from the age of 20 (assuming a 6% growth rate). If you wait until age 30 to start your pension you need to contribute £289.79 per month to achieve the same outcome. That’s nearly twice as much....

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